Writing Articles for Clients on the Internet

Writing Articles for Clients on the Internet

Every now and again I win a project that is right up my street. The topics are either something very close to my heart or something I have experienced in my lifetime. Writing these articles is like going back in time which is a thoroughly enjoyable thing that I don’t often get to do.

Over the years, I have noticed that many people start blogs. But they don’t actually write them. They employ others to do this for them. It has always mystified me how anyone could write someone elses’ blog for them, but in this fast moving world where time is of the essence, I have come to understand that it not only takes the onus off them, but it also creates a micro-industry for writers like myself.

Recently I had to write about a country I have always loved. I grew up in France so have some very fond memories of my childhood which was spent in one of the most beautiful regions of this country. The job was a real pleasure to do and my boss, although a complete stranger, was one of the nicest people I have ever met on the Internet

This strange virtual world where people talk to each other through chat lines or emails, has opened up the globe in so many ways. I have found that the people I work for do actually fall into several categories. This is a rather peculiar way of thinking about them as none of them have faces – just names and sometimes just email ID’s that makes them even more mysterious.

I am of an age when letter writing to great aunts, parents, uncles, brothers and other family members was a weekly task. A thankyou letter for a Christmas present was the norm. The Internet changed all of that as emails replaced the letter, but many older people don’t use computers so the art of letter writing one would hope, does still exist albeit not as before.

I often wonder about the person I am writing for and I do try to visualise them, reading the way they write their emails to me and what kind of response they offer about the articles I write for them. I then use this as a foundation to build up my impressin of them. It is amazing just how much we can tell from the way a person writes an email to us, it tell us so much about how their minds work. But does this have a bearing on how the person actually is in real life?