Dealing with Employers Who Ask for Writing Samples

Dealing with Employers Who Ask for Writing Samples

There is absolutely no doubt that the Internet has opened up a whole new world for freelance writers. There are some great projects advertised on the many job websites that are around and I for one really enjoy bidding on a few that interest me.

I always like to bid on projects that have topics I am familiar with but there are times when I offer my writing services to clients who want articles about things I know very little about. This is when the research really comes into play and although it can be somewhat time consuming, it is also fascinating to discover new things about something I knew virtually nothing about.

There are employers who accept the feedback you have received from other clients as proof that you are a capable writer. There are others who accept a sample of work you have previously written but there are those who ask for specific samples of writing to be done in order to even consider employing you for the project they have created.

When I first started writing I would eagerly accept this request but as time passed by I suddenly realised that these articles did not get me the job. So I asked myself just where these articles ended up? and were they really worth writing?

I took hold of the situation and decided that this was something I would rather not spend time doing. After all it does take time to research just what you are going to write about and then you have to write the article which again takes up valuable time.

If like me your time is precious to you and you are new to writing articles or content for Internet employers, I would strongly suggest that you do not accept these terms for a project you might be interested in doing. Do not be tempted with the promises of ‘payment will be made for the sample you write’ because if you are not awarded the project – then you won’t get paid.

It does occasionally feel like the employers hold the reins when it comes to writing for people over the Internet. Freelance writers have to create the articles before any sort of financial recompense is received. Of course the job sites do ask employers to create ‘milestones’ for the freelancers who use the sites, but these are often held up by the sites themselves for a few days even after the project has been successfully completed.

There are a lot of learning curves to deal with when first starting as an Internet freelance writer and I hope that more and more people will join in the discussion of how to deal with the hurdles that we come across during the course of our virtual writing lives.