Foiling Unscrupulous Internet Employers

Foiling Unscrupulous Internet Employers

I have written many articles for lots of different clients and a lot I have written in the past have been projects  I won through various sites that offer writers like myself the opportunity of bidding on them. The competition on these websites is pretty fierce so for every thirty that I bid for,  I would maybe win 6 or 7 of the projects.

It is a strange virtual world where your worth is only as good as the feedback previous clients have been good enough to give you. This is no doubt a great way of finding work. However,  if you are new to the sites you happen to be using,  earning the necessary feedback can be a costly and time consuming affair.

Working for Freelancer Websites Can be Stressful

Over the time I have been involved in writing articles and content for websites, I have learned that if you are new to a job site, no matter which one it happens to be, more often than not you find yourself in a situation where employers can take advantage of you.

I know this  because when I first started it happened to me on many occasions. The work was done in a timely manner, the articles were well written but there always seemed a problem when it came to getting paid for the work I had done. I had to listen to many excuses on why the articles would not be paid for and on a few occasions just never heard back from the client.

At first I just accepted this as part and parcel of the job and vowed that in the future I would be a little bit more careful who I worked for. However, it still happened and I began to get annoyed at all the time I had spent working on projects for them to vanish into thin air.

Where Do Our Articles Go?

But this was where I was mistaken because the articles had not vanished, they had been published on the Internet by unscrupulous employers. For a very long time I mused over the problem  and wondered just how I could  stop this from happening again.

Then I came up with a game plan that would stop these people from doing this and I would like to share this solution with all the other unwitting writers who fall into the same trap as I did.

Although I realised I would not get paid for the way I was about to  prevent my articles from being used when the employer had not paid for them, I still went ahead. I  published these same articles myself on various websites that accept articles from writers and there are plenty of them out there where you can do just this.

These sites, as I have mentioned, do not pay you for the work, but it does stop anyone else from publishing them. My reason for thinking this way, is that people want original articles and normally run them through Copyscape or other such sites to make sure they are unique. If the article has been published – it will automatically fail the Copyscape test thus foiling any hopes of unscrupulous employers from using articles they have not paid for.

There is no financial reward from taking this action but it does give you some satisfaction which is two fold. One is that you get to put your name on your article and two, it will fail a plagarism test should anyone attempt to use it.