I Quit My Daytime Job to Write Full Time

I Quit My Daytime Job to Write Full Time

I have always loved writing. So those who know me well were not surprised when I decided to quit my day time job to become a full time freelance writer. It is a field that is little known in my circles and some of my friends raised eyebrows when they learnt of my decision. One of them actually took me for coffee and tried to “drive some sense into my head.” Those are her words, not mine. By the time we were done with the coffee, she quickly realized I had already made up my mind and her advice was falling on deaf ears.

I wanted to do something I would enjoy doing. There is more to life than just making money. My first assignment after I quit the job was anything but easy. I was supposed to research and write on a topic I had never heard of before. I gave it my best shot but I was still afraid that my first client would be disappointed. To my surprise, He was elated for the “job well done.” I felt like wind had just been blown into my sails. That gave me the courage to take more projects and I always completed them on time and got good feedback for almost all of them. The positive feedback I get is probably what inspires me to keep on writing.

But every career has its downside and my freelance writing was no exception. One such incident is when my computer decided to crash when I was in the middle of an urgent writing job. By the time I finished repairing the computer, I was already 30 minutes late on the project. My client was not amused and he didn’t buy the “my computer had crashed.” story. Then there was another time when I worked on a project for a very long time and the client just vanished without paying a cent. I was so frustrated. It was around this time that I came across a most interesting quote. Some sculptor had reportedly been asked,

What is the difference between a writer and a sculptor?

Without hesitating, he had replied,

The sculptor can hang his work but the writer can only hang himself.”

Good thing I like writing so quitting or hanging myself was the furthest thing on my mind. In fact, the only reason I took the next project after that disappointment is the passion I have for writing.

This article was written by Ronhi Amaya, a freelance writer based in Eldoret, Kenya on 25th January 2012


  1. Not a problem. I enjoy reading, no matter what it is. I think sometimes people forget that writers are writers first and not computer experts. It is something that takes time to learn all the ends and outs. I thought about a blog for three years. What does that tell you? And, I was doing layouts at a small newspaper on the computer.