How I Lost Money as a Freelance Writer

How I Lost Money as a Freelance Writer

I had been working on a couple of projects on short term basis. Then my lucky break came – or was it? I got a client that needed one hundred articles in ten days. I knew I was equal to the task and besides, the money that was being offered was good too. I made enough coffee and sat at my computer to start typing. I was a man on a mission. By day four, I had already completed fifty articles. At that rate, I could finish the project even before the ten days.

We had agreed with the client I was working for that I should send him the first fifty articles and if he liked them, he would pay me for them as he waited for the remaining fifty. I faithfully submitted them and waited for my first wages. I had already spent the money before I even received it. I would use it to settle one or two outstanding bills then get some groceries with the remainder.

Better Not to Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

Had I known better, I wouldn’t be counting the chicks before they hatched. After sending the articles, my client sent me an email telling me the articles were perfect but he had not yet been paid by his employer so would I mind proceeding with the project to completion then he pays me after the completion of the entire project? Of course I did mind but I also understood the circumstances and so I continued with the project. Internet freelance work is based on trust since you are often working with clients you will never meet from anywhere on the globe. The problem with trust, as I found out, is that not all people are trustworthy.

The Long Wait Begins

Ten days later, I had finished the project. Only one thing remained- go smiling all the way to the bank. After waiting for the payment the entire day to no avail, I wrote an email to my client requesting for the payment. I never got a reply. I wrote another email after twenty fours. He replied telling me to give him three days on the higher side and he would clear with me. The three days turned into three weeks and he soon stopped answering my emails. I have no way of proving it but I have a feeling that he marked my emails as spam. That is the day I stopped working with anonymous clients and decided to get clients from legit and reliable freelance websites.

This article was written by Ronhi Amaya, a freelance writer based in Eldoret, Kenya