How To Sell Unpaid Articles To New Clients

How To Sell Unpaid Articles To New Clients

If you’ve got lumbered with a lot of unpaid articles, then you might want to sell these to other Internet clients. There are several websites where you can upload an article, fix your price, set how you would like your article to be used which could include selling full rights to the work. This is a great way of earning cash on what is otherwise ‘dead work’.

Take Rejection On the Chin & Sell Your Articles Elsewhere

It is always disappointing when a writer takes on a project, puts a lot of work into it only to find that the client vanishes into the virtual hemisphere, never to be heard from again.

Almost every writer falls prey to these customers at some point in time. However, there are several very good sites around that offer advice on what you should do when it does happen, as well as offering some extremely good tips on how to avoid it happening again.

There Are Great Clients Out There

Of course, there are some great clients out there who know what they want and how to deal with writers honourably. These are the people all writers love to work for. The briefs they give you are clear, they accept the work and if there are any issues or amendments that need to done, request this politely which makes the whole process run smoothly.

I for one love to build up a good, solid working relationship with clients I write for. However, when I do take on a new Internet client, I also like to protect my work until the relationship becomes a solid one.

How Would You Treat a Writer?

As an employer, I would never expect a writer to put more into a project than I would be willing to do myself. If a job is complicated and requires a lot of research, then I would compensate the writer accordingly. This is the only fair way to go about employing the services of a writer to promote a website.

Good clean, original and informative articles take time to write. One of the only true ways of promoting any website is to provide interesting and engaging content to the viewer. This is also something Google really likes. Backlinking, white hat strategies, well written SEO articles along with expertly written content gets a website noticed.

Generate Good Informative Articles

As websites are supposed to generate business for the owner, they really should take this into account when they employ a writer to promote their site for them. By paying good rates, the work is bound to be of better quality, more researched and at the end of the day, this generates more income for the sites’ owner.

What To Do If It All Goes Wrong

If things do  go wrong, which it sometimes does, you have to be able to sell your work to other clients as original and unique work. If you have copyrighted and registered your work with a third party, you can offer the articles or content you’ve written to other clients, you can promote yourself as a writer at the same time.

One site that offers this service is SampleSafe. You may have to wait a little while for your articles to sell, but at least you know they will.


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