Want to be a Higher Paid Copywriter? Here's How

Want to be a Higher Paid Copywriter? Here’s How

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It would be fair to say there are more freelance copywriters around than ever before. This makes it that little bit harder to find well paid work online. If you have been providing clients with copy for a while, you’ve probably been accepting lower paid projects as a way of building up your reputation. You more than likely feel you are ready to become a higher paid copywriter but need help getting there – so here’s how!

Take The Time to Hone Your Writing Skills

To win those higher paid jobs, you need to improve your writing skills so you become a better copywriter. The only way you’ll achieve your goal is as follows:

  • You need to write as much copy as you can

This could mean working for pennies or for nothing at all, but in the long-term this is the only way you’ll improve your writing skills and get to be a higher paid copywriter

Read as much as you can

Reading other people’s work will help you appreciate the different styles of writing out there which you can incorporate into your own when needed

Write for yourself

Practice makes perfect and this applies to writing too. You need to write lots of articles even if they are for yourself and then go back over the copy a couple of days later. You’ll find you want to edit and improve the text  so it flows well and you may need to correct punctuation which all helps hone your writing skills

Set up Your Own Blog

It’s a great idea to set up your own blog because it offers you the perfect platform to showcase your work. You need to think of it as a worthwhile marketing strategy that will attract more clients to your door. It allows you to get your name “out there” and it means you get to develop an interesting and varied portfolio .

However, in order to get your blog noticed, you need to work on it which means publishing copy on a regular basis and then doing the necessary SEO so that visitors find you more easily. The bonus being this allows you to hone your social media skills which will stand you in good stead when applying for projects that involve this particular topic!


Get a Mentor On-board

One of the best ways to improve your writing skills is to get a mentor on-board. The problem is that if you rely on editors or clients to offer feedback, it can be a little demoralising because often they don’t provide you with constructive criticism.

All too often when you send work to a client they edit your copy without even telling you which means you are left in the dark as to whether they like your work or not. The downside being their next project is awared to another writer instead of it being  sent your way.

A mentor on the other hand, would be far more honest, giving you the type of feedback you need, even though at times it may be a little harsh or brutal. The main thing is this type of constructive criticism will help you hone your writing skills which in the long run will land you the better paid jobs.

A mentor will also point you in the right direction when it comes to the better paying markets and projects as your writing skills improve. The result is you start to climb up the ladder and you get to leave older clients who pay less behind. A mentor might feel a particular job is not for them, but they may well be prepared to send it your way should they feel you are up to it!

Your Portfolio Needs To Be Top Notch

You need to build up a varied portfolio because you never know when a choice job will land on your desk and if you don’t have a relevant sample to send to the client, it could mean you lose out.

However, if you have a particular niche you like writing about and you’ve set up your blog, then write as many articles as you can in this niche and publish them on your site. This is a great way of building up your portfolio and the best part is the work is not only published, but the copy is attributed to you!

Potential clients read your blog, they like your writing style which means you have more chance of getting to be a higher paid copywriter.


We all have to go through this stage in our writing careers and it can be quite challenging, especially when many clients try to pay as little as possible. If you want to speed things up and give your career a boost, the strategies listed above will help get you on the right path to becoming a higher paid copywriter.

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  1. All good advice. I’d add to that making sure the tone is right for your piece. I have some clients who like their work written in a factual and informative style, while others favour a more conversational and humorous approach.