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Are Your Linkedin Invites Being Ignored? Want to Know Why?

limked im logo 2Getting yourself out there and noticed takes a bit of time and effort, especially if you’re a freelance writer looking for work or an author who feels they are ready to have a work published. Choosing platforms to network on needs consideration and there’s a methodology to using each of the Big Three, namely Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, although the latter seems to have lost much of its appeal over recent times.

When it comes to Linkedin, there are those who advocate only connecting with people you’ve done business with and/or people you know. Whereas, other social media “gurus” believe the bigger the network the better and as such recommend you invite loads of people to join your network, much the same way as done on Twitter.

If the truth be known either way can be beneficial making it a matter of personal choice. With this said, there is one obstacle that’s impossible to circumvent, namely getting other Linkedin members to accept invitations.



Personalising the Linkedin Invite

It goes without saying the basic Linkedin invite is not that appealing or interesting, which is why so many members choose to personalise their message in the hope it will get them noticed. However, there’s no guarantee customising an invite will actually do the job either.

What Can You Do?

There may well be a host of reasons why members don’t accept an invite, but to improve the odds, there are certain things you can do.

  •  Personalise the invitation, yes, but give it meaningful intent. It’s a positive move that allows members to see just where you’re coming from and why you’d like to network with them
  •  Ask yourself if connecting up with a person would be mutually beneficial because if not, then why would the person want to be added to your network?
  • Never, ever use a “sell ” in your message in any way shape or form – this is a real no-no on the Linkedin platform where it’s considered quite rude

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How Does Your Linkedin Profile Look?

You need to ask yourself how your Profile comes across to other members? Is it complete or a little too sketchy? The more info you offer and the more exchanges you have with others together with past experiences nicely displayed on a profile page, the better the odds of invitations being accepted.

Recommendations and endorsements really do count on Linkedin. However, these should not be perceived simply as gratuitous give-aways.  The last thing you want as a professional is to be thought of as an SOBB – nothing rude here, but for those who tend to go for acronyms, this one stands for Slap on the Back Brigade!



Other Reasons Why an Invitation May be Ignored

More and more people are joining Linkedin, but this does not mean they regularly check their messages so if an invitation appears ignored, it could just be the person hasn’t seen it, but when they do log on, the chances are they’ll accept.

Is Linkedin a Good Platform for Writers and Authors?

Yes, definitely and there are some extremely interesting groups offering a ton of useful information which should not be ignored, or you might just find you’ve missed out on something that might really benefit your writing career.

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