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The Importance of Social Skills as a Copywriter

social skills


There’s a lot to take on board working as a freelance copywriter. Not only do you need to master the all important writing skills, the marketing strategies and the many social media techniques needed to keep clients happy, but you also have to hone your social skills!

It’s important to stay polite at all times and this includes when pitching for a project. This may sound easy, but the reality is that all too often people who work in a virtual environment forget their social graces!

Collaboration is Everything

The thing to bear in mind is that working as a freelance copywriter is not really a solitary endeavour because networking and collaboration are all important. It’s the best way to get ahead and build yourself a successful career. It’s essential to hone your social skills to impress editors and clients when sending in a proposal. These skills are also crucial when working with other writers and you need to ask a favour.



You could be the best copywriter on the planet, but if you have not mastered the necessary social skills then you may find it hard to win any of the projects you bid on.

How you put yourself across to potential clients is all-important because you are in fact, communicating your very own “brand”. The best way to achieve this is to make sure you do the following:

Make Sure You Read a Brief – Thoroughly

Make sure you pay particular attention to the client’s requirements and then discuss things later – never dive in head first because the chances are you will regret it! The one thing clients and editors dislike is when a copywriter asks questions they already covered.

The Words “Please and Thank You” Go a Long Way

It’s really important to stay polite when working as a freelance copywriter (even though your patience can be tested at times). The two magic words being ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ go a long way and they cost nothing. In fact, they go a long way when building a working relationship with a client.

The Importance of “Tone”

Pitching for work over the Internet and through freelance job websites can be challenging. Understanding the sort of “tone” a client would like in an article is one of the hardest things which is why it’s so important to ask relevant questions, all the while remaining professional and sticking to the point.


A lot of disputes can go terribly wrong when an already difficult situation takes a turn for the worse simply because you put your social skills on a back burner for a moment or two. Remaining polite can make the “bad things” go away and save a working relationship which is why when working as a copywriter honing social skills is a crucial aspect of your professional persona.

Author Honey Wood

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