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How to Set up a Blog

how to set up a blog

There are lots of articles on how to write great blog posts and glancing over a few of them can prove very helpful, especially for people who are just starting out and need help on how to set up a blog.

Reading other people’s blogs helps gauge what’s trending in the many niches out there. As with everything, practice makes perfect and the more posts you write, the better you get at stringing sentences together to form an interesting read.

Research, research and more research

Researching a topic is a must. It allows you to check out other styles of writing and the chances are you’ll find valuable info to use in your blogs too. How you present the content on your page is also all-important. Long rambling, badly punctuated sentences together with lengthy paragraphs typed in an ornate font on a dark background (this being a prime example) can make it a challenging read to say the least.

Things to avoid in your blog includes certain aspects of the basic page design because even if your copy is brilliant, if it’s too hard to read the chances are nobody will bother! This is why it’s so important to learn how to set up a blog.



Dark Backgrounds

The basic design of a website is all important. Dark backgrounds may look great on a blog with loads of images, but they don’t work so well with text because it makes it harder to read. Everyone likes an easy life and with so many blogs out there, if there’s a choice of easy reading or having to strain to see what’s on the page, you’ll find that people bounce off your post pretty quickly.


how to set up a blog


Busy Overstuffed Pages

If there’s too much going on the page and this includes lots of images, adverts and links, people find it harder to focus. The result? Viewers are encouraged to scan the page without really absorbing anything on it. They may even click on a link to get off the page looking for something that doesn’t put them under so much pressure.

A nice clean, well thought out page that doesn’t detract from the text works a whole lot better because the design allows viewers to focus on things, namely your blog post. You’ll get more visitors staying on the page and you’ll be thankful you took the time to learn how to set up a blog.

Empty Pages

Empty pages don’t work either. Minimalism doesn’t work on a web page. In short, keeping a page clean looking doesn’t mean leaving it looking empty either. You need to find a nice balance that’s pleasing to the eye.

Ornate Fonts

Choosing an easy read font is essential. There’s a superb choice of fonts some of which are pretty ornate. However, unless you really want to make a point, using the simplest font works a whole lot better because it allows viewers to scan the copy quickly when they are pressed for time. They can then come back later to read your blog when they’ve got more time.


Adverts can bring in revenue, but if there are too many on a page, they detract from your copy. The result is viewers leave the page which in turn means more bounces and less revenue. In short, too many ads defeats the object even if you are promoting or marketing your own products on the page.


It’s great to add links in your copy, but you have to be extremely selective and not to overpower the text with too many. Firstly, they detract from your content and secondly, the temptation is for viewers to click on a link. The result could be disastrous because viewers might leave your page too early.


Everyone wants to read well written, interesting content that’s nicely presented on a page. The more you write and read, the better your copy becomes because it’s a constant learning process.

Regularly publishing new posts is another essential, but publishing for the sake of it doesn’t work. Your blogs need to have “value” and meaning in order to keep viewers on the page and wanting to come back for more. Learning how to set up a blog properly will pay dividends in the end.