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How to Make the Most of Your Blog



If you’ve started a blog and enjoy sharing information with other people whether they are copywriters or not, you can set it up so that your labour of love actually earns you some money!



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This blog is all about copywriting and producing marketing articles that get websites noticed, but the strategies we’ll go into apply to any sort of blog whether it’s about travel, technology, food, lifestyle or anything else that gets people’s taste buds salivating.


You may think it a great idea to sign up to Adsense, but you’d need to have a lot of traffic to your website to make it a real “earner”. Basically, when you first set up your blog, this type of money making scheme might not be that worthwhile – but it could be in the future! The sooner you set it up the better – but don’t expect much of an income from it to begin with….


The first thing you need to do is build up a decent amount of followers. Your audience will come to value your blog, your knowledge and expertise. Social media followers are invaluable, but then so are the people who subscribe to your blog and who become your regular visitors/followers.



Step One – Build Up Your Followers


Everyone likes to be offered something for free – it could be a gift voucher, an invite to a seminar, money off a chosen item or anything else you know would interest and engage your audience. This is a great strategy that helps build up your followers.


Always reply to comments that people make on your blog in a timely fashion because not only is it polite to do so but people appreciate courtesy which is another brilliant strategy that helps build up followers.


Publish regular posts on your blog making sure the content is well written and informative. Ask other writers to provide an article or two on a regular basis which allows you to create valuable and worthwhile links to their sites.



Step Two – Get Your Name Out There


It’s important to get your name out there, you are after all selling yourself as a “brand”. Reach out to marketers, online magazines and any other website that’s within your niche and offer to write posts, articles and other content for them. Building up a solid client base is essential and although you start off providing the copy ‘free of charge’, pretty soon you would be able to start asking payment for your labours.


Don’t be put off if you are turned down in the first instance (or two). You need to have thick skin and keep on trying to get the “okay”. Your efforts will be rewarded in the long run. Networking, helps you build up your reputation as being someone who is particularly good at the job you do.



Step Three – Use Your Blog as Your Portfolio


Your blog is the best portfolio you could ever create. It offers potential clients an insight into how good you are at what you do. For writers, you get to showcase a particular niche that you excel in, whether it’s writing travel articles or something a little more technical. However, you need to get your website noticed which means getting it up to scratch in the SEO department so that people find your “portfolio”.


If you are good at marketing your site yourself, all well and good, but you may prefer to enrol the help of the experts, a company like Social Buzzing for instance, who make it their mission to get websites and content noticed on a global scale and their charges are extremely affordable which makes it worthwhile.




You need to be consistent and willing to persevere, the occasional blog post will not cut it. You also need to do your research and find out what people want remembering that finding “solutions” to things is history because people these days are looking for “value” rather than anything else!

Author: Honey M Wood – ijustwonajob.com





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