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Is Your Blog Doing Your Business Justice?

A blog is one of the best business marketing tools around and one that can seriously improve your bottom line, but this is only true if it’s set up to provide readers with worthwhile, well written content.

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The problem is that many people don’t realise the value their blog can bring to their business and as such they don’t invest either enough time or money into what could be a superb marketing platform.

As copywriters, it’s down to us to ensure the copy we provide is up to standard and that it offers factually correct, worthwhile information. The problem is that all too often employers and business owners don’t realise the negative impact sub-standard copy can have on their online presence – even today! Cutting corners and reducing copywriters rates of pay results in reams of copy being produced that’s simply not up to scratch.



Marketing strategies are typically left up to the SEO gurus and social media experts. Business owners rely on their professional services to ensure their blogs are not only super well optimised but relevant to their niche too. However, this is one task that should, to a certain extent, fall to copywriters because they’re the ones creating the content. They are the people who have to incorporate strange combinations of keywords and phrases into their copy while ensuring it still reads naturally. Often a difficult task all of its own!

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The other beauty and value of quality blog content is that it can be used in so many ways other than in a blog. The copy can be used in eBooks and for other forms of marketing with social media updates figuring high on the list.

Well written blog content can also be used in newsletters, which is a brilliant way of keeping customers informed and up to scratch on what’s happening in a business.

At the end of the day, the “human touch” works wonders when it comes to blog posting on a company website. This paired to excellent SEO works brilliantly achieving the right results. You can seldom get it wrong with well written content because in the first instance it engages an audience and more importantly, it keeps them on the page and coming back for more!



The professional service offered by copywriters is priceless. Together with a marketing expert, the two play a crucial role in creating the sort of online presence a company needs to get noticed. One without the other is only half of the equation and to really get the best out of a blog, you need the best SEO and copywriting services around so that all angles are effectively covered.

In short, a business owner has to be prepared to set aside a decent budget for professional services whether it’s marketing strategies/SEO or copywriting so that it all intertwines nicely, achieving the kind of results needed to grow a business in what has become a fast moving world.


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