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When Does Being Too Busy Negatively Impact Your Business?

busy quoteThe answer is a resounding “always”. There can never be an excuse when it comes to not replying or acknowledging receipt of an email or any other message and this is especially true in what has become a fast moving digital world.

Business people (and others) proudly proclaim they’re always “connected” no matter where they happen to be. They spend hours building up their digital networks because it’s “essential” to stay in touch, to be transparent and to gain peoples’ trust. After all, this is exactly what the virtual world is all about. We are told by “people in the know” that to be taken seriously and therefore succeed, we need to network like never before.

Can You Trust Someone Who is Too Busy?

With more companies opening their virtual doors every moment of the day and night, “trust” has become an issue and not replying or acknowledging receipt of a digital message has to be one of the biggest business “no-nos” ever. By not replying in a timely fashion you are  perceived differently and the “trust” you may have built up over time, well, that’s just vanished out of the window along with your credibility.

It doesn’t matter where you happen to be in the world and it really doesn’t matter what time zone you are in – replying to people who contacts you is a business essential. It does not matter whether it’s an associate, someone making an inquiry or other, good business sense dictates that no matter who messages you, replying in a timely fashion is a must. Waiting a few days, a week or not replying at all, is totally unacceptable and for which, all too often there is a high price to pay.

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Sorry Been Really Busy Doesn’t Cut it!

You have to ask yourself how would you be perceived if you told someone “Sorry, just been so busy” and the answer is that person would think they were not worth your time, which is not only pretty rude but it’s incredibly bad for business in any environment.

In a world where staying “connected” is not only crucial but the life blood of a business – it takes no effort, nor does it take up valuable time to acknowledge receipt of a message. The fact remains that for whatever reason a message is ignored, the one constant is that your actions or lack of them, will negatively impact not only your business but your credibility too.

Author: Honey Wood