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How to Build a Reputation as a Great Copywriter

Guest author: Ronald Amaya – Kenya

How would you know which dentist to visit if you had a bad tooth? You would probably ask family and friends or uncle Google – for some reviews. By and large, you want to settle for a dentist who has a good reputation. Likewise, when a client is looking for a great copywriter, they’ll want to read a few reviews the copywriter has received before clicking the hire button.


So how do you build a good reputation as a copywriter?

Provide Quality Content

It must have seemed a little far-fetched back in 1996 when Bill Gates uttered the words “content is king”, but today it’s a reality. No one wants bad content. No one wants to endure reading incomprehensible copy that’s full of careless ambiguities, wanton run-on sentences and lots of grammatical mistakes.

As a copy writer, you have to make a deliberate effort in providing the best quality content because it will either make or break your reputation.



Build a Brilliant Portfolio

Where copywriting is concerned, your writing samples are your best CV. Well written and samples of your work published online make you even more credible. Building a great portfolio is the only way to convince first time clients that you are equal to the task and there are many reputable websites or blogs where you can post sample articles. Alternatively, you can start a free personal WordPress or Blogger blog where you can regularly upload more examples of your work!

Be Original

There are many tools that check plagiarism around nowadays which means at the click of a button, a client can check the originality of your content. Plagiarizing content is a sure way of permanently denting your reputation as a copywriter. Even though research is mandatory in the creation of quality content, coping and pasting content from websites and posing as the original author is a serious vice.

Become an Authority

A general physician and a surgeon are both doctors. However, a surgeon has better returns for his labour. The difference is specialization. One has specialized in surgery, while the other treats almost everything. Much the same way, you become more reputable when you concentrate on one niche as opposed to writing on almost anything. If you have a blog, just choose one niche and stick to it. That makes you an authority in that subject and clients will trust your opinion on the same.



Leverage Social Media’s Pervasiveness

Recent research has revealed that the person uses the internet at least 28% of the time and they like to be on various social media platforms when they do. If you don’t share your content on social media, you are missing out on a powerful tool that helps build your reputation as a copywriter.

Social media gives you a chance to reach a whole new audience that you probably wouldn’t reach through traditional methods like depending on Google search results. It is a good idea to add social media bookmarks on your website because it allows you to easily share your content with your visitors. However good your content is, it can never go viral if you don’t use social media to get your message out there.

ro amaya

Guest author Ronald Amaya – Kenya

You can contact Ronald via Peopleperhour


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