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Bad Experiences as a Copywriter

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Guest post by freelance copywriter Rosie James


Were you ever told you couldn’t make a living either as a professional copywriter or virtual writer?

I was told that many times by other copywriters and authors who believed it would take the right agent and the right book to get published, but this is not as true as it was in the past.

Every day there are thousands of copywriters making money online, just like me although things are not perfect because I’ve already had several bad experiences as a professional copywriter.

Non-paying clients

Clients who don’t pay are the worst and often there is no good reason for payment not to be made. In one of my experiences there were hundreds of articles being created on a similar topic. The first few hundred were accepted and even paid for, but suddenly things changed.

My writing style hadn’t changed, but the client started picking on a few things here and there, they began returning articles before eventually stopping payment altogether. In a case like this it feels more like the client suddenly ran out of money and decided to start complaining to get out of paying.



In another example, steady work was coming in and then suddenly the client stopped communicating.  Since the work was already in, payment should have been made, but the person just disappeared and never paid up.

Small pay for perfection

Professional copywriters are among some of the most under-paid workers no matter where they’re located in the world. Most jobs are not even a penny per word, yet the clients all ask for perfection. Some bad experiences involve re-doing something until the client is happy despite an incorrect brief which means even less payment in the end.

When a client cannot speak English, but suddenly declares that a native speaker is doing something wrong, it can leave a bad taste along with a bad experience.

Non-professional clients

Clients who don’t communicate properly can lead to bad experiences too. I’ve had clients who suddenly disappeared without even a “we no longer want to work with you” message.  Others have blatantly used inappropriate words, which is definitely not the sort of behaviour that’s to be expected of professionals.

Rosie James


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