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How to Find Inspiration to Write

As writers we like to think that we can turn our hand to any type of prose or project. After all we are paid to write words on most subjects and with excellent research tools available such as the Internet it’s easy to get started.

However, some days no matter how hard we try—the words just won’t come.

Write Every Day

It is important as a writer to keep your cogs oiled. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on a project or not; you must keep writing every day in order to keep your creative matter working.

There are a number of ways you can keep your hand in; here are a few:

  1. Pick any subject you like and write about it. It doesn’t have to be about anything in particular and don’t worry too much about presentation or spelling. It could be about your favourite type of music, a preferred holiday destination or a lovely memory. The purpose of the exercise is to keep words flowing and to keep on practicing. You might even get a nice piece of work out of this for future clients.
  2. Keep a journal or diary. A page about your day should be enough to get your creative juices flowing. If you feel that your day was boring, write about how you wished your day had gone.
  3. Find a picture from a magazine or an object from your room and describe it. What is it? What does it look like? How does it feel? What does it smell of? Describe it in the most creative way you can.
  4. Freewrite. Take a piece of paper and write as freely as you can. What you write doesn’t have to make any sense; just let the words flow from your subconscious. You may feel silly or that the words you are writing are unprofessional but that is the point of this exercise. Some brilliant ideas may emerge from this gobble-de-gook!
  5. Flick through a magazine and take the beginning of the first sentence you see and start writing. It may say something like ‘You wouldn’t have…’ or ‘Last month I…’ You will be surprised at what you come up with.

Creative Clusters

You may have been given a project and you just don’t know where to start. Clustering is a technique which helped me a great deal whilst studying creative writing. All you have to do to start a cluster is to have one word. From that word you will create a series of other words. I usually put ‘my word’ in the middle of a blank page and then think of another word that associates with it and so on. When you have gone as far as you can you can start again, but this time go in a different direction. For example: If your word is ‘childhood’ it could lead to an array of words such as: Toys, teddy, games, presents, Christmas. When you have gone as far as you can with your list, you can start again from your word ‘childhood’ by thinking of different association words such as: Tooth fairy, wishes, dreams, fantasy and so on. From these clusters begin to write freely and underline anything of any substance you have come up with.

No matter how difficult it seems to start writing; you can find the words with a bit of creative thinking.

The article above was written by Lucy Carter, a freelance writer based in Bradford, England. If you would like to contact Lucy directly, then check out her details on the Freelance Writers Who Contribute to the Blog Page.