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Top freelance writing Sites Part 2

Free Guide to Copywriting Part 2

top freelance writing websites

Top freelance writing websites

Over recent years more and more freelance websites have appeared on the scene which has inspired people to try their hand at copywriting. Many of these websites promise their members the earth, but the reality is that too many of them are just a waste of your precious time.

The reason being there are too few well paid jobs available on freelance websites and far too many freelancers hoping to land the choicest and therefore best paid projects and lush jobs!

Another problem is that copywriters who are based in far flung corners of the world can offer employers incredibly low rates, although it has to be said the quality is often not the best. This makes it hard for people living in the west to compete even though the quality of their work might be that much better. Clients are fickle opting to award a job to someone who offers cheaper rates something they soon learn is often a false economy.

FREE GUIDE TO COPYWRITING part 2 Where to find the best paying jobs

This does not detract from the fact that serious marketers post projects on top freelance writing websites because they know the value of “good” content. They look for talented copywriters and are willing to pay the correct rates in order to achieve the best results. The SEO industry, however, has a lot to answer for when it comes to driving down the price and quality of copy!


The Good News

The good news is more freelance sites have sprung up that focus on higher-end projects where serious professionals can find freelance work. These are the sites where employers actively look for talented copywriters who are capable of producing immaculately written, well researched and factually correct content because they know good copy achieves the right results.

 Do you want to become a professional, respected copywriter?

 Do you want to fit the bill when it comes to the better paid jobs?

 Do you want to find out where these jobs are posted?

 If the answer to all 3 questions is a resounding



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 Top freelance writing websites


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FREE GUIDE TO COPYWRITING part 2 Where to find the best paying jobs

Author: Honey Wood