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Is Your Blog Mobile Friendly Ready for Mobilegeddon?

Time is running out to get your blog mobile friendly – Google’s latest update might seriously affect how people find you when they do any searches on their mobile devices. The deadline for Mobilegeddon is 21st April just a week or so away.


As the deadline approaches for Google’s latest mega update, people the world over are going into panic mode worried they may lose out in the ranking stakes if their websites are not “mobile-friendly”. At the other end of the scale, a few SEO gurus are taking a slightly more relaxed approach to what is being referred to as “Mobilegeddon” around the web. So how far-reaching is this new update actually going to be?

Most people have kept up with the times making sure websites are mobile-friendly simply because the market has demanded they do so. As such their rankings should not suffer in the search engines department when the new update comes into force. However, for those who either ignored all the prompts that were readily available and have therefore failed to get their sites mobile-friendly, it may turn out to be an issue, but it is far from being the end of the world.



Penalised? Maybe Not

Changes needed for an existing site to become mobile-friendly are not that dramatic. There are a few things you can do to make sure your site still figures in mobile searches. The bonus, of course, being that you are hardly likely to be penalised for not being fully optimised and ready by April 21st.

For a while now, mobile devices have been taking the world by storm and it’s a well publicised fact that Google has been leaning towards a more mobile-friendly user experience, prompting online businesses to follow suit. With this said, it’s in the interest of everyone who relies on the web and Ecommerce to be au fait with trends or they will lose out – Google is just laying down a few more rules which need to be factored into existing designs to ensure they are more responsive.

The Mobile Phenomenon

Over the last few years, the buzz created around mobile devices has been phenomenal with manufacturers boasting how their high tech gadgets allow users to work “on the go” and from anywhere in the world they happen to be. Naturally, this means more searches are carried out “on the move”, so it stands to reason that websites need to cater for this new breed of consumer/customer and business user.



For Those Lagging Behind

For those who are lagging behind, it’s time to get up to scratch and to do so sooner rather than later now the clock is ticking and there are things you can opt to do. Firstly, you could get your website  mobile-friendly by making sure it’s more responsive or you could opt to create new website altogether ensuring it is one that is mobile-friendly which a few of the “big boys” have chosen to do.

Keeping an Online Presence up There

Even as Google introduces its new search engine algorithm, businesses have had a couple of years to prepare for this eventuality. It has after all, been on the cards for months and any SEO expert worth their salt would have been steering clients in the right direction. If they failed to do so, it could be time for a change.

Blogs need to be On-board & Mobile-friendly

However, it’s not just businesses that need to worry about Google’s imminent update because anyone who runs a blog should take a quick look at their website to assess just how mobile-friendly their pages actually are which can be done using Google’s own mobile-friendly online test tool. Failing to do so could see a lot of hard work go up in smoke as rankings drop all due to the fact a site no longer figures in mobile searches as it once did thanks to Google’s new search engine algorithm.

Although, rankings may be affected the consensus of opinion is that Google will not penalise sites by putting them in the “sin bin” as reported by many in the know. With this said, it’s far easier to make sure websites boast responsive designs than it is to play catch-up. The clock is ticking to Google’s newest update, aptly dubbed “Mobilegeddon”, and the question you need to ask yourself is “is my site mobile-friendly” or not?

Author Honey M Wood

 Image source Pixabay



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