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Why Twitter is a Superb Game-changer

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As far as social media platforms go, it really doesn’t get much better than Twitter and even if you’re not a huge fan, it’s such a game-changer that it would be serious mistake to simply ignore it. The beauty of Twitter is in it’s simplicity and the fact it’s so far reaching.

Twitter obliges users to rethink how they use social media, keeping things short and sweet with no heavy, long winded copy to rifle through. It’s idealogy is a game winner in a fast moving world where time is precious and staying ahead of the competition is in itself a competition.

Having to be succinct and making every word count takes a bit of practice, but the effort is well worth it because the rewards can be tremendous when it comes to marketing strategies and advertising campaigns. Unlike other platforms of which there are many, Twitter has remained true to it’s format which is simple, easy and pleasing.



Facebook is a different animal altogether with Linkedin offering a more formal platform to work on. Both offer advantages and disadvantages whereas Twitter is what it is which is simplicity itself and more importantly “fun”. It’s a breath of fresh air in an often rigid business environment.

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Anyone can promote their work, products, services and whatever else they choose via Twitter and can do so in a flash. The key is in building up a massive network, but it has to be one where people value your tweets. This is where social media experts come into their own and are worth their weight in gold.

One of the best companies around at the present time happens to be Social Buzzing, a hardworking network of people fronted by a refreshingly hands-on CEO. These guys have built up a solid reputation for getting results in a timely fashion and the positive snowball effect is astonishing being extremely well structured which keeps search engines happy.

Getting the information out there is easy, knowing what people want and need takes a little more effort, but when it all comes together the work and time put in, can reap generous rewards all in part thanks to Twitter’s wonderfully simple social media platform paired to the expertise these guys have to offer.


Author: Honey Wood


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